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i’m just as tired as everyone else is about the subject of pedophiles but i have a theory that i think is semi-new to people who aren’t in forensic psychology. so you know those people who have bizarre fetishes that incorporate teenage characters but don’t look sexual? like the one going around with that twelve or so year old gravity falls character buying bread/destroying the environment?

consider the following:

- fetishes can be developed if you associate pleasure with an object or scenario
- child porn, even simulated child porn (realistic drawings of minors in a sexual scenario) is illegal under US law
- fetishes that don’t directly involve sex like gloves are seen as more harmless to the average person, the more bizarre the more harmless, i.e. buying bread
- developing a fetish such as buying bread that no one would ever suspect by masturbating to the concept over and over until it sticks and then drawing or requesting images of child or teen characters buying bread results in an image that is completely safe for work unless you know the true intent of the owner
- therefore, said person can easily build a stash of what they see as child pornography but that no one else sees as CP and cannot legally be prosecuted
- if the person is even more nefarious than this they can easily introduce children or teenagers on the internet to ‘nonsexual fetishes’ and guilt them into participating, i.e. asking them details about how they buy bread for example
- not only that but people invariably see the fetish as “harmless and bizarre” and distribute it while not considering the fact that it is CP to that person, resulting in more popularity and more sympathy for a “harmless weirdo”

this is just another testament to how manipulative the average pedo can be

pertinent examples that people have brought up:

- kid’s television shows with suspicious themes surrounding inflation, a character laboriously eating another character, mind control, etc and people involved with the show doing “fan challenges”

- anonymous pedophiles on youtube requesting videos of children doing “sfw” things or creating fetish videos intentionally to groom children

- the entire documentary tickled where a pedophile sourced tickle fetish videos from minors

- even that scene from mindhunter where the headmaster tickled children but couldn’t be prosecuted

be skeptical about people who claim to have “nonsexual” fetishes (oxymoron) and don’t be so quick to call them or their fetishes “harmless” if you don’t know what they do behind closed doors

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