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If you don’t like 13 Reasons Why, that’s okay! You have your reasons and they are valid! But guess what? There is a HUGE population of genuinely mentally ill people who love the show and connect with it. So don’t post things like “13 Reasons Why is trash and anyone who enjoys it is also trash!! It is a totally inaccurate depiction of mental illness, Hannah just overreacted to everything and wanted revenge!!!” because that helps literally nobody. Don’t act like you give a shit about mental illness and then be so insensitive when discussing it. You can share your opinion but do it in a way that is respectful and is actually informative rather than attacking anyone who doesn’t think the way you do without even justifying your position. “13 Reasons Why sucks because it glorifies suicide” is no more an informative statement than “13 Reasons Why is great because it raises awareness”. If you’re going to make a statement that people are likely to take issue with, be prepared and willing to back it up… and nicely. Mental illness is very complex, people experience it and deal with it in different ways. Some people feel that 13 Reasons Why actually saved their life because it made them seek out help, some people feel that it affected them very negatively. Both are totally legitimate. I get that people feel very strongly about the topic because it’s something that’s very personal to a lot of people but still try to be sensitive and respectful of other’s perspectives. I personally like the show but you won’t see me going around attacking everyone who doesn’t. 

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